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    Enoteca Reserva Particular - Xarel.lo

    Type of wine
    type of wineMousserend
    Grape variety
    Rijping sur latte voor minimaal 24 maanden, daarna manueel gedegorgeerd
    Whole bunch press, de vergisting in een eikenhout vat met het natuurlijke gist, de tweede vergisting op fles
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    Macabeo & Xarel.lo | extra langgerijpte editie | was eerst alleen voor de familie | minimaal 185 maanden sur latte | geen dosage | zeer zeldzaam | 12 flessen voor NL!


    Een wijnhuis gespecialiseerd in Corpinnat (voorheen cava) en wat doen ze dit goed. De derde, vierde en vijfde staan nu aan het roer en er is weinig veranderd aan de arbeidsintensieve manier van wijn maken in dit wijnhuis Ze hebben alle vijftig hectare omgezet naar biodynamische wijnbouw. De wijnen worden na botteling tussen de 30 en 120 maanden gerijpt in de kelders, elke 14 maanden worden de flessen geschud voor de smaakontwikkeling en de flessen worden met de hand gedegogeerd zonder het bevriezen van de hals. Een aperitief of maaltijdbegeleider van hoge kwaliteit van mediterrane druivenrassen met een bijzonder verhaal.


    The 1999 Enoteca Reserva Particular de Recaredo takes the Reserva Particular one step further with a few bottles offered as a special Enoteca series (at a different price). Disgorged after 179 months in contact with the lees (14 years and 11 months!). This is pure elegance and subtleness, clean, focused and precise with fine bubbles that create a velvety texture on your palate. The aromatics are a combination of aged Cava, balsamic and mineral, with hints of the long time in contact with the lees, brioche and faint smoke. I couldn't get myself to spit this wine, it's one of the best Cavas I've ever tasted and I needed to drink it. I think this wine will still have a long life in bottle, and it would be great to be able to compare one of these bottles with one freshly disgorged in a few years time. But if you want to do the experiment there is a price to pay. The other bad news is that only 60 bottles were destined for this Enoteca release. The first Enoteca release was the 1997 vintage. 96/100 Luis Guitérrez

    Recaredo keeps producing better and better Cavas (and now some still wines too in Celler Credo). Their focus on the vineyard, including the organic and biodynamic work clearly pays back in the quality of their wines. This year I received a stunning bottle of recently disgorged 1999, which was subtle and complex, even above their Turó d'en Mota, which is from the warm 2003 vintage and still showed surprisingly fresh. Bravo!

    Recaredo keeps working to improve the referencing of the best terroirs in their wines, and the Brut de Brut has been renamed to Serral del Vell, the name of the vineyard where the grapes are sourced for this brut nature. This change was implemented with the 2008 vintage, and at the same time, the wine was admitted in the Paraje Calificado category, an official Cava appellation category created for the wines from specific places that fulfill certain conditions for quality. Recaredo fulfills and exceeds those conditions, and in fact, they are 100% certified for organic and biodynamic agriculture, using autochthonous grapes, manual harvesting, aging for a minimum of 30 months with lees in bottle and using a natural cork for all their wines (all single-harvest and brut nature wines have been certified for 15 years). What I tasted was an amazing collection of sparkling wines, with one of the best vintages ever of Turó d'en Mota (their flagship) and a rare, one-off 1996 full of complexity and Roquefort-like notes in the nose and palate. As a side note, winemaker Ton Mata started a small family project in 2013 to produce natural sparkling wines with his wife. The first couple of vintages were fermented in Recaredo, and they are now building a small winery of their own. Gutierrez 95/10